Guestrooms & Suites

Modern Hotel Elegance in San Francisco

The design of Hotel Vertigo is brilliant in its simplicity and rich in character. While many touches are unique and unexpected, nothing is overly complicated. The hotel’s original design does not attempt to dictate your experience; rather it serves as an elegant and whimsical backdrop for your very own San Francisco story to unfold.

As your room key grants entry, you’re greeted by a bewitching but warm tangerine glow trickling through the sheer orange curtains. The light beckons you to enter an elegant, modern and delightful space imagined with splashes of whimsy and fun. Designer Thomas Schoos achieves a tidy balance between form and function with rooms that are inspiring and intriguing, yet comfortable and familiar. The selection and arrangement of oddball pieces like coyly tilted horse head lamps lead to both amusement and appreciation of their functionality.

Guest rooms contain one nod to Hitchcock’s masterpiece - wall art that is a contemporary play off the movie’s mesmerizing “swirl” symbol, leaving only those most familiar with Vertigo with the satisfaction of making the subtle connection



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